KniCroBlo Day 1 -- Starting Out

So, something about me that I haven't really said yet, I am a knitter, a pretty serious knitter.

So after my good friend, the Knitting Ninja, linked me to the  Knit & Crochet Blog Week.  So I decided to get in on the fun.

How and when did you begin knitting/crocheting? was it a skill passed down through generations of your family, or something you learned from Knitting For Dummies? What or who made you pick up the needles/hook for the first time? Was it the celebrity knitting ‘trend’ or your great aunt Hilda?

It was my Auntie Ellen, she taught me when she was my Girl Guide leader when I was in high school.  We were at a winter camp for the unit and she taught everyone how to knit, but as far as I know I am the only one still knitting.  My first project was a cotton dishcloth, you know this one.  Well it turned out looking like a holey stingray.  Between the dropped stitches and the split stitches (from the stranded cotton) it was pretty darn ugly. After that point I was more on my own, a little Stitch-N-Bitch here and some mom guidance on crochet there. This past summer, seven years after my aunt taught me how to knit, I was teaching her a new pattern, the one.  It was fun to teach my teacher.

I have taught several other people to knit, including my roommate in first year, my floormate in second year (and she was a lefty) and my current housemate.  It is nice to take things full circle.

My main interest in learning to knit was to learn something new, something very hands-on.  I wanted to be able to 'make' something.