It's Nice to Have Options

You know having options when choosing ice cream or underwear, options make everything better. That goes for knitting too. After a year of acquiring Chiagoo Bamboo Needles, I decided it was time to invest in some Knit Picks Options.

I am now the proud owner of tips size US 4-10 in both the Nickel plated and the Harmony wood. I also have the cables in 24" (4), 32" (2) and 40" (2).  I decided against getting the kit in favor of a la carte because I had purchased the Try-It set a few weeks earlier and I am loathe to have repeats, and I rarely knit anything larger than a US10 (6.00 mm) and so it was not worth it having up to 13 for me.  I may very well acquire these at a later date, but that is the joy of Knit Picks, I can get them later for not a whole lot of money.

My intention is not to advertise for a company I patronize frequently, but rather as a means of suggesting an annoying lesson my Dad has been preaching for year.  I spent around $100 getting a needle set I wanted (the KP Options) but in the year before that I have spent at least $100 on the Chiagoo needles that I am now going to give away or store.  So basically, get the set you want spending more money now can save you money when you decide to get them later. I have previously applied this logic to many other purchases, but picking up needles one at a time at my former LYS I never really did the math on my cost. Generally, these needles have been great.  While working on the nupps on the Robin's Egg Shawl I found it was great to use on nickel and one wood to make the perfect combination of slick and stick.  Those are the kinds of options I like.

Also, these needles are sharp, they look good and are really, really pointy!

And here are the photos I promised you last time.  The Robin's Egg Shawl has been moving along just fine.  The nupps were interesting, not my favorite thing, but they have such a great effect.

Life is more fun with Options, knitting and otherwise.