On Travellers and Handspun

So as I have mentioned on the blog, I got a spinning wheel for Christmas.  The wheel, a Ashford Traveller Double Drive, which Lise at The Yarn Source managed to get to my house before Christmas.  Seriously, if you need Ashford products in Ontario, Lise is a rockstar and I would love to get to visit them, if I found my way to Prince Edward County. So my Traveller, who is still unnamed (I am open to suggestions), has been running beautifully and has helped me spin down some of the immense fiber stash I developed over the fall.

She does have some of the oil from lubricating the treadle hinge, but I got her unfinished and I have just used a furniture beeswax polish to protect the wheel before I decide how I want to finish her in the long run.

And this is what she has helped me make (well there are about three spindle skeins tucked in there, but mostly wheel stuff)

The fiber was sourced from a few different places, including three Phat Fiber boxes (Sept. Farmers Market, Oct. Steampunk and Nov. Seasons of Light).  If you are on Rav, the Phatties (as they call themselves) have a wonderful, inclusive community you should check out, here.  I also have some combed merino top from the Gateway Fibreworks in Gravenhurst, ON, which I have mentioned before, as well as from a local farm, Pondering Rock Farm in Rosseau, Ontario.

Here are some of my favorites:

Yarn: Spring Break in February

Source: Sherbet Sunrise, 2.2oz batt (alpaca, superfine merino & bamboo rayon) by Fiber Fancy

Style/WPI: 180yd, woolen spun single, sportish weight

Name: Flower Market

Source: Fall Mums (Sept Phat Contribution) 2oz 64s Merino Top by CraftyQsPlace

Style/WPI: 120yd, 2-ply, Sportish

Name: Melted Neapolitan Ice Cream

Source: Sweet Pea, 5oz Falklands Top by CraftyQsPlace

Style: 214yds, 2-ply, fingering/sport weight

Two different Monster Yarns (term taken from the Ennea Collective) made from Phat Fiber Boxes (top from October and bottom from November).

And for those of you who are wondering how winter is going here in Parry Sound, we had a fantastic melt the last few days and then blowing snow last night. But the light is getting much more spring-like.