FO: Queen Anne-is Shawl


This shawl has somewhat of a curious name, it is my attempt at a portmandeau between the pattern name, Annis and the yarn name Queen Anne.  I bought this yarn last summer, mostly because of its name. My mothers name is Anne and when she would stay with her grandmother they would grind of colored chalk and use it to color Queen Anne's Lace blossoms.  I haven't given her the shawl, I don't know if she really wants it, but the fun summer colors,  and the name, will always make me think of her.


Project Name: Queen Anne-is Shawl

Pattern: Annis by Susanna IC from Knitty Spring+Summer 2010

Recipient: Me or my mom, Anne

Yarn: KnitPicks Shadow Tonal in Queen Anne


  • None, I followed the pattern exactly for a change

New Skills:

  • None, having made a previous Susanna IC shawl, Norway Spruce, I was familiar with the bottom up crescent construction.
  • I did have greater success with the nupps that the last time I made them, in the Robin's Egg Shawl.

Feedback: Unsurprisingly, due to it being a Knitty pattern designed by Susanna IC, it was a wonderful, fun, clear knit.

Re-Knit?: Probably not, I like it, but there are a whole bunch more Susanna IC shawls in Knitty and the Twist Collective to keep me busy for a while, before I need to get back to