I guess I am a serial monogamist kind of knitter ...

In the throes of "Knit All The Things" at the beginning of the month, I cast on a whole bunch of things. Since then I have methodically worked through them, one at a time, working on first the baby items (because they have a pretty distinct deadline, a baby shower at the end of the month) and now on my Red Label Cowl because it has been hanging over my head since January, and the recent turn in the weather suggests that we are moving from cowl season to pashmina season. Unfortunately my March Socks have been left by the wayside, with the cuff and the first three rows of the first repeat done.  I desperately want to knit and wear these socks, they are downright awesome and I know from my Aquarium Socks, which I wear every single week, that the TFA Blue Label yarn is going to feel so nice on my feet.

I think I have to commit to having two projects on the go at a time, one pair of Vanilla Purse Socks made TAAT with KnitPicks Felici, self-striping yarn, and something more complex for home.  Right now have 35ish grams of Red Label so hopefully that will be done by the end of the weekend and I can really bite into the Staked socks and have them done for the end of the month to stay on track with making a pair of socks a month, because I have acquired some more sock yarn.

Carla went to the Indigodragonfly knitting retreat in early March and brought home some sock yarn I ordered and one I have been lusting after, two in Merino Nylon and one in MCN.  Also Tanis did a OOAK update to her etsy shop and I ended up with a skein of Purple Label (MCN Sock) in Purple Fog and then KnitPicks released their 2012 Felici colors.  After several months of minimal yarn acquisition I kinda gorged, and the Tanis Year in Colour Club is going to be arriving sometime towards the end of next week so I need to get knitting. Also I had that Sweet Georgia order back in February and that trip to Toronto in January where I couldn't leave the Purple Purl and Lettuce Knit empty handed.  I seem to acquire stash in the Winter, I can't resist yarn between January and April, but then once it gets to summer I am just fine.  Or I am like a squirrel stashing away yarn while I am still employed to get ready in case another permanent position, or more funding, doesn't come up for a while.