FO: Apricot Jam Ring

 Isn't it great when you try something new, think you know what you are doing and then find out you are completely and totally wrong about it.  This project was a comedy of errors, I didn't calculate my warp correctly and I un-warped my loom, there is a reason a person doesn't un-warp a loom then I made the primary error of combing my warp with my fingers which totally effed up my warp tension and then my warp separator wasn't rigid enough and  so my tension got even worse.

And after messing up the warp I managed to increase my loom waste by a solid 8" and make my cloth not long enough for what I was intending (a two-loop cowl), so instead I tied the fringe together to make a loop and it can only be worn as a single loop.


So this was more of a less of a project and more of a lesson in weaving.  That is okay, it is a neat FO but it helped inspire me to get things right on the next project, which I have finished and will show up on the blog some time in the next week. 

- Details -

Project Name: Apricot Jam Ring

Pattern: Plain Weave

Recipient: Me

Yarn: Patons Grace in Apricot

New Skills:

  • Hemstitching - Although I kinda messed it up this time


  • Yarn:  This is my first time working with 100% cotton for something other than dishclothes, it certainly has a different feel than wool (my preferred flavor of fiber)
  • Draft: So many lessons in one tidy little package, balanced weave, selvedge, not messing with our warp.

Re-Weave?:  Yep, but I will get it right the next time.