Snippets of May

I have two drafts and five finished objects (and two handspun yarns with more to come) to get posted on the blog, and yet I haven't published in weeks.  With my gainful unemployment ending next week, I feel a mania grabbing me and getting me to start and finish all sorts of projects knowing that I won't have nearly as much time going forward from June 4th. On June 4th I start a new job in Bracebridge, about an hour east of Parry Sound, in Muskoka.  For those of you who are familiar know that Bracebridge is in the heart of cottage country and a neat little town.  I'm going to be working for a local environmental not-for-profit doing archival and stewardship work.  I'm really excited to start, the work should be interesting and I hope to learn lots from such a good organization.  Also, it could mean moving, most importantly, out of my parents house for like the 4th, and hopefully last, time.

For some reason I'm more keen to blog when I'm working, when I'm not working I find it more of a chore to sit at my computer and not be knitting or weaving.

Here are some snippets of what I have been making and admiring (click the first picture to see all of them in a fun gallery format).

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