Feline Friday: Who's spinning basket is it anyway?

Life has been crazy, but cute cat pictures can defy deadlines. 

So as any cat owner (or reader of Buzzfeed lists) knows, cats have a way of taking over your space and making it their own.

It became clear in the first few days of Jack's arrival in October, that my spinning basket belonged to him. On one of his first days, he disappeared in my apartment, when I finally found him, he was asleep in my spinning basket. 

Circa October 2013 - Jack weighed about 1lb.

Circa October 2013 - Jack weighed about 1lb.

Since then, whenever I left off the makeshift spinning basket cover, he would sneak in and take a nap.  

Early December 2013 - Jack weighed in around 2.5 lbs.

As he got older he got more brazen and I thought it was cuter.

Early January 2014 - Growing fast and around 3.5lb.

However, today when I tried to photo of him in the basket for a then and now thing, he was not interested.  

Thursday evening - Jack is large an in charge at 9.3lb

So now that he is officially over the fluff I will spin it, and since it is infused with his fur, I will make a blanket for him out of it. However, I think he claimed dibs on in back in October, so it seems only fair since he has waited so long for it.