Time for something new!

All will be revealed on December 2nd over at Georgian Bay Fibre Co.

Well all my design knitting is done, and will be released very soon!  I'm really excited to share them with you and the rest of the collection they are part of.

However, with that big chunk of knitting off my lap (literally and figuratively), I'm thinking its time to do something new, and in this case, my very first garment.

For me, garments have been a bit overwhelming. This is in part due to my size. It's not something I talk about a lot on this blog, mostly because it's not really relevant to the knitting of socks and goofiness of my cat, but also because I didn't really want to. However, I'm a plus-sized woman, and so the outlay in terms of cost and time to make myself a garment, one I'm not certain will fit well or properly, has always been a bit overwhelming.

However, at the KW Knitter's Fair back in September I was working at the Georgian Bay Fibre Co. booth and I realized I needed to make myself something to wear when representing that brand, and a shawl was not going to be the thing.  However, Carla made a really great looking vest and I though, I should probably have one of those.  Well not that design, but the Honeytree Vest by Tanis Lavallee. 

Photo by Tanis Lavallee/Tanis Fiber Arts

Although I am quite a bit larger than Carla, I was able to try on her version of it from a few years ago, and while it was much to small for me it did let me know that the shape would be quite flattering for me, if knit, y'know, in my size.  

Thankfully Tanis's patterns come in a good range of sizes!

For yarn I'm using GBFibreCo. Hennessy Aran, in Monck Fir Cone.  It is one of the fall collection colorways that is being discontinued on December 1st, so if you are interested in getting some too be sure to place your order before then.  

So now I need to go off and do some swatch so I can get this done before the new year!