FO: Purple People Warmers

After getting so much spinning done when I first got my wheel, I haven't been making much "yardage" so a couple of weeks ago I pulled out two fun, special, not-beginner top and batt and got spinning.

The yarn on the left, which I have been calling Purple People Seducer is a Merino/Silk Sliver from Fleece Artist out of Nova Scotia which I picked up at the Purple Sock in Coldwater back just before my birthday in October.

I went on to spin it as a firm single, using a short-forward (inchworm) draw.  I managed to get 130yds out of 55g or so.  It is a sport-ish yarn, but overall the single is really consistant and I am finding I am getting much better at spinning really consistnatly when using the short forward.

The second skein is very different, it started out as a batt from Fiber Fancy called Orchid Surprise, when I bought the batts, I though it was Orchid Sunrise and unfortunately the surprise was a bit to surprising for me.

Inside this beautiful purple batt, was mix of christmas red, green and gold.  Each one of these would compliment the purple, but for me the color was a bit overwhelming.  I dizzed the batt using my new Claydancer diz and orifice hook (which are both really beautiful and functional)

and spun, long-draw, some of the batt intact.

So I decided to peel apart the purple from the Christmas colors and I was left with about 55g of fiber which I dizzed and spun in to a quite lofty bulky weight 48yd skein.  The christmas yarn has been put to good use and you will be seeing it quite soon on the blog.

So two yarns, both 55g and purple, one a lofty, thinkthin, bulky, woolen spun, two-ply, the other a hard, silky, worsted spun, single.  They are both so beautiful in their differences.