Knitter's intuition

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, that warp looks funny, or that stitch pattern looks off, and you know you should probably stop and frog but instead you forge on and end up with a FO that you never want. Sometimes its a matter of the pattern style not matching your personal style (of knitting or for wearing) or maybe you have paired the wrong yarn with the pattern (for more extensive musings on this topic, I covered it for Knit and Crochet Blog week last year).

I cast on all my KAL Chaos projects last night, and within a row I knew that I had picked the wrong yarn for the Cabernet Sauvignon pattern.  The Homage was just too fuzzy and the nature of the color didn't compliment the pattern (it was too high-contrast tonal to show off the cables).  I have another pattern picked out for the yarn, and I have an idea of a yarn for the pattern, although both plans may have to wait a while.

However, more excitingly, I have a project to replace it in KAL Chaos (although there is no KAL for it). I will fill you in more in a bit, but here is a little hint ... (Ultra MCN, MCS, Ultra MCN) ...