WIP Wednesday: Spending time with my Ladybird

What I'm working on this week is spending more time at my spinning wheel.  I'm deep in the weeds of designing and because of that I don't find knitting provides me the meditative relaxation at the of the end of the day, the way it used to.

That is okay, I like the designs I'm working on, but I can't lose myself in it, because that makes for unfun, horrible to tech edit, patterns.  

However, my meditative salvation is right there in my apartment, waiting unassumingly in a corner.  My spinning wheel, Claudia, has been waiting for me to notice her for a while now, and last night I finally did.

With Jacey Boggs Faulker, of PLY Magazine and Insubordiknit fame, at my side in the form of her  Craftsy Class, "Drafting from Worsted to Woolen",  I was feeling so much better about my short forward draft and feeling much more in control of the process.

Next I will be spending sometime with Jillian Moreno, of KnittySpin fame, in her Craftsy Class, "Ply to Knit: Spin the Yarn You Really Want" to get my ply exactly where I want it.

So I work along on my knitting, but I'm excited to spend time back at my wheel.  She is a good friend, and spinning puts my brain exactly where I need it when it starts running a million miles an hour faster than my head.

So that is my WIP for the week, trying to spend more time at my wheel and spin when I need that good brain energy I get from it!