RIP Cherrywood Scarf

After much debating, and many, many, many attempts I frogged my Cherrywood Scarf tonight. I agonized over this decision, but I decided that for me knitting is about the enjoyment of the activity not about the fortitude to continue on with a project I don't enjoy working on.

So in honor of the Cherrywood Scarf, I give you its last picture ...

For every death there is new life ... I just cast on Springtime Haruni.  I am really enjoying making shawls and using Knit Picks lace yarns.  They are not as scrumptious as my Malabrigos and my soon to be arriving Handmaiden Sea Silk.  These projects are practice for my future Dancing Crane Stole made of Elann Silken Kydd.

Check Out These Nupps

So, I managed to survive the budding vine lace and I have been working on the lily of the valley lace section. This is where we ran into the nupps. I must say that they are not nearly as frustrating as I had anticipated (based on knitter/internet lore). Here is what it looks like ... Okay, I can't find my camera, but they are very cool.

Overall I have been quite happy with this pattern.  It is just interesting enough to keep me engaged but not so much that I cannot enjoy an episode of Eureka or Warehouse 13 while I knit.

Oh and I have yet to knit another stitch on the Cherrywood Scarf and I am starting to get concerned if I will ever finish it.

Meet Robin’s Egg Shawl

I have a new item to welcome to my collections of UFOs, welcome Robin's Egg Shawl based on the  Swallowtail Shawl pattern (Ravelry)!

I cast on on July 1st (yes, I did violate my red and white Canada Day knitting policy). But I was really excited to get something new started. I am currently on the 9th repeat of the first chart, the Budding Lace chart. So far so good.

Whenever I pick a pattern I try to choose one which allows me to learn a new skill.  For this pattern I will be doing nupps for the first time. I know they are evil and all that, but then again grafting was way, way less stressful than I thought it was going to be. I was also going to learn how to do a provisional tab cast-on, however I was unable to make that work so I gave in and did the standard knitted cast-on.

The yarn for this project is Knit Picks Shadow Tonal Lace in Blue Yonder.  I also have the Queen Anne and Springtime colorways that will be used to make wonderful new things.

So other than that I am still working away on my Shifting Silt Scarf and my Cherrywood Scarf. Things are moving along nicely, although after six months of working on Cherrywood, I am not sure if I have the interest to finish it before my Grannie's 86th birthday in September (she is the intended recipient of the scarf).

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of Canada's 143rd Birthday I propose that all my knitting will be with red and white materials.  This leaves out the Shifting Sands Scarf I have been working on for months and does allow for casting on a new project. Here is my red knitting for today, my Cherrywood Scarf (Ravelry) a Knitspot pattern. Overall it has been a great pattern, but working on such small needles (3.0mm) can be tedious at times.

So here is something I finished today, my Austin Market Bag (Ravelry).  My awesome front loading washer was not ideal for felting but my Grandmother's machine sure is.  Felting this bag took far less time than I expected.

Happy Knitting and Happy Birthday Canada.